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Create Different Versions of Your Website for Mobile and Desktop Views
Create Different Versions of Your Website for Mobile and Desktop Views

How device hierarchy works for your SpringBuilder website

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Whether you prefer your Tablet and Mobile versions to mirror your Desktop version or not, styling your site for every view is a top priority!

All the SpringBuilder websites are created with responsive design in mind, so they easily adapt to different screen sizes and look good on any device, but you can always build separate versions of your website via Desktop and Mobile Design Modes.

Desktop and Mobile Versions

Since you only edit your website while in the Desktop version, go to the Left Panel to switch the edit versions to Mobile. Located on the Left Panel is the Monitor Icon. Click this icon to choose the version you'd like to edit: Desktop or Mobile.

!Important: All the changes made in the desktop version of your site will be applied to the mobile version. However, if you edit anything on the mobile version, it will only be applied to the mobile version.

The SpringBuilder blocks and elements can adapt to any device. To simultaneously delete an element from all the edit modes, you'll need to delete it from the version where it was first created.

!Note: You can determine to show the Tablet mode of your website mirroring the Desktop or Mobile version. Head over to the Dashboard > Site Settings app > Tablet mode display and choose which version to mirror.

Edit Your Mobile Version

Distance between Blocks and Elements

Change the distance between blocks/elements for your mobile version.

1. Go to your site's Design Mode.
2. Head over to your Dashboard.
3. Click on the Designer Tools app.
4. Go to the Layout section and edit the distances located on the menu found on the right side.

You can edit the pixel number for the: Grid Container Width, Gutter, Distance Between Blocks, Distance Between Elements, Distance Between Blocks in Mobile, Distance Between Columns in Mobile, and Distance Between Elements in Mobile.

Edit Your Mobile Version

Duplicate Blocks and Elements

You can also customize your blocks/elements by duplicating them. Then, change the device visibility and edit away! This way you can have the same block/element, but one is created for the desktop version, while the other is for the mobile version.

1. Duplicate your elements/blocks by holding down the Ctrl or Command button located on your keyboard, while simultaneously dragging and dropping it to the desired position.

2. Change the visibility settings of your original block/element by clicking Visibility Settings โ†’ Device Visibility โ†’ select Desktop only.
3. Head over to the Monitor Icon and switch your version to Tablet or Mobile.
4. Then change the visibility settings of your Tablet and Mobile block/element by clicking on Visibility Settings โ†’ Device Visibility โ†’ select Tablet or Mobile only.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your Account Manager.

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