SpringBuilder releases its version 2 with a bunch of various new features and improvements to give its partners and users more proficient experience.

Get to know the new features you will get with these updates. Introducing the revamped SpringBuilder version 2.0:

  • Mobile editor
  • Device hierarchy
  • Improved multilingual feature with Language visibility
  • Updated URL for the Edit mode

Mobile Editor

Mobile editor gives a separate control over your site’s mobile, tablet and desktop versions. SpringBuilder automatically gives a mobile-optimized version of the template that you are using, so that the website is optimized on mobile devices and tablets using visibility options for each element and block.

But we decided not to stop there, rolling out our brand new Mobile Editor to give you separate design control over your site’s mobile, tablet and desktop versions.

Click the Switch to Mobile icon on your left panel of the editor to access the mobile and tablet versions of your site. You can now make changes like page layout, colors, background images and much more with no need of duplicating the existing block or element for different devices.

Since SpringBuilder transfers all your content directly to the tablet and mobile versions of your site, you can also hide certain things, giving you control over what to show and what to hide. If there's an item you'd like to hide from other views, select it and go to Visibility Settings → Device Visibility.

Device Hierarchy

When creating content, check the different view modes regularly to make sure your publication is showing properly in different screen sizes. The view modes are an indication of what your publication will look like on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The end view will still vary based on your visitors’ specific screen size.

When a change is done, for example, a new block, color or an effect is added, all 3 views will be affected.

However, changes in other things like the elements, image updates, block arrangements, etc. follow a hierarchy:

  • Desktop: changes to your desktop affect your tablet and mobile views.
  • Tablet: changes to your tablet affect mobile and tablet, but not desktop view.
  • Mobile: changes that affect mobile, don’t affect desktop or tablet view

Multilingual feature

Improved multilingual functionality has been added to the 2nd version of SpringBuilder. After adding multiple languages to your website, the layout and design remain regardless of the language you are using.

However, with SpringBuilder’s Multilingual feature, you can create different versions of the same site (e.g. an English version, a German version, etc.) and customize the content (text, images, layout, etc.) according to language.

The edits made in the default language version of your site will be applied to your other language versions as well.

You can also hide or display specific content for selected languages on your website with the help of our new Language Visibility settings.

You can not apply Language Visibility to a specific Element. To set visibility rules, either move the Element to a specific Block or set the rules on the current Block Settings.

The multilingual feature comes with a Switch Languages panel to make it easy to switch from one language to the next while working on your site.

Updated URL for the Edit mode

After the migrating your website to V2, you will be able to access your new design mode on: yoursitename.springbuilder.site/design

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