Rewarding your users with perks for their loyalty is a common practice in the gaming and betting industry. Do you want your players to be part of it?

SpringBuilder represents special bonuses for your players: Loyalty Points. You can grant bonus points that your players can exchange or use the shop to swap points and enjoy available games with their collected points.

Let us guide you around how to enable this functionality in the Edit Mode. Click on the User Account element > Edit Settings > Dashboard > Sections > Bonuses Settings. In this tab, you just need to turn on/off Enable Loyalty Points switcher. Easy as that!

You can also customize the colors of Loyalty Points. To do so, just click on the User Account Element > Edit Styles and choose Loyalty Points Colors. Here you can edit Badge background and Progress bar colors with out color picker.

Now let’s go to the Public Mode to check if it works. Sign in to your account and head into the Bonuses tab. You will notice the Loyalty Points tab, where your players can track their success in this program. 

Here they can also exchange their points into money, otherwise, they can use the Shop and gain extra points in order to enjoy their gaming experience on your website.

Terms and conditions of Loyalty Points

The Loyalty program does not apply to Poker and Sportsbook. The company introduces a new loyalty program and classification system.

Player classification and level assignment order:

1. The program will consist of 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

2. Levels are assigned by points:

  • Bronze level -  0-5000 points

  • Silver level -  5001-15.000 points

  • Gold level - 15.001-50.000 points

  • Platinum level - 50.001-100.000 points

  • Diamond level - 100.001-200.000 points

3. The points are calculated depending on the currency.

4. The loyalty program allows its customers to exchange their points into money.

5. After the activation of this system, each user will receive a Bronze level.

6. New registered customers will also receive a Bronze level.

7. Switching from one level to another you need to collect more points than the maximum points at the current level within 30 days.

8. The customer can’t reach several levels immediately.

9. The points calculation is updated every 30 days.

10. If the customer collects fewer points than needed for the next level within 30 days, their level goes down automatically.

11. The customer can exchange their points into money at any time.

As you are reading this, our enthusiastic team is working to push this functionality live. Check out the rest of the elements out there in the Gaming Elements section.

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