SpringBuilder offers a unique functionality for your website: enabling home cookies. Let's find out what it means and how it can contribute to your website's user experience.

What is home cookie functionality? 

Home cookie functionality will allow you to set a temporary homepage (a conversion page) that your users will land on first and then get redirected to your original homepage.

After users see your initial homepage, this function will set a cookie and the page set as “home cookie page” will become your new homepage as long as cookies are not cleaned.

How to turn it on?

It will take you just a step to enable this functionality. Head over to your Dashboard > Spring App > Partner Config > Home cookie.
Here turn the switcher on and click on Select Inner Page.

You can select any main or secondary page as a cookie homepage and don't forget to hit Save in the end.

The only way to redirect your users to the initial page in this case would be by forcing them with the alias, for example: yourwebsite.com/home

*Note that this functionality will not work if your site visitor is a bot of any kind.

So don't waste your time and make the most out of this functionality to find new ways to improve the user experience of your audience.

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