Headers and Footers are essential blocks to improve your page structure and navigation and create a beautiful user experience for your site visitors. 

These blocks are fixed for all the pages on your website by default, meaning the same header will appear on every page, while the multi-header and multi-footer functionality will allow you to:

  • create multiple headers and footers per page 
  • assign them to different pages and devices. 

You can optimize how the separate versions of your headers/footers look on certain pages by click on the yellow/purple tabs on the upper and lower areas of your page to access the settings of your entire block. 

To add an image or video background to the block

  • Browse Image Files from your device or Open Media and search for an image from our free stock
  • Paste the YouTube link for videos in the given field and hit 'Save' . Keep in mind there is no audio when you upload a video as your background.

You also have the options to edit the Opacity, Background Blur and whether to make it a Background Cover or not. 

  • This can be done for individual blocks within your Header or Footer as well by clicking on Block Settings > Block Background

To assign the blocks to pages, you need to adjust their visibility per

  • Device
  • Page
  • Location 
  • Session

To do so, click on the three dots on the top right corner of your chosen block for Block Settings. Then, hit the Visibility Icon > Page Visibility > Enable Hide this Page > Select the Pages you want to Hide the Block or Element from. 

Hit the Preview button from your Left Panel and see how your Headers and Footers look on Desktop or Mobile/Tablet view!

Collapsed Footer

Did you know that you can make the footer of your website collapsed? That is to say, the footer is hidden throughout the website and your visitors should click on the corresponding icon to view it. 

But like anything else on SpringBuilder, you can customize the settings of the Collapsed footer. To do so, click on the bottom three purple dots and turn on/off Collapsed Footer switcher. Down under choose the icon color, icon background color and the alignment. That's it!

You can also look through the dozens of other helpful articles in our Help Section that will help guide you in creating a successful website with SpringBuilder.

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