As promised, SpringBuilder releases a bunch of various new features and improvements all the time to give its partners and users more proficient experience. 

To keep you enlightened, we want to introduce you the novelties SpringBuilder is about to bring forward within the upcoming months.

  • Poll Element

As you create pages and events, you will have an opportunity to include polls with its customizations. You can use this element for various other purposes like Prediction votes, Analytics, and more. You are aware of our prediction functionality, right? In the near future, as you add new pieces to your blog/press of your SpringBuilder website, your users will automatically get the chance to vote for each post separately.

  • New Design and Layouts for Registration / Login popup (User Account Element)

Soon you will be able to add banners, pictures, and customize the whole layout of your registration form. See more.

  • NEW: Customized Popups 

After our next update you will be able to create popups on specific buttons, customize them with our drag and drop functionality and create the popups you wanted a long time ago. When finally integrated, all your popups will be customized by you/your designers to have the look and feel you are expecting.

  • Esport Page type

A new page type will join our Pages App which will allow you to create a specific page for E-games with new fresh look and navigation.

  • Schedule Visibility

Ever wanted to have a promotion that is scheduled to be shown or expire by itself? This feature will allow you to set start and end time for a specific element. Settings to set recurring days, specific hours to show or hide the element and much more.

  • Universal search bot “Hoory”

This new AI bot search element can read and hear :)

It will help your users search and navigate through your website, by hearing the user voice commands or reading typed requests. The bot will be trained enough to answer basic questions and give some directions, after which, if necessary, connect the user with your support team.

  • Skeleton loading of your website on all possible devices (Desktop & Mobile)

Taking into consideration the Internet connection speed in different regions and countries, we implemented a new skeleton loading on the mobile version of sportsbook. In addition, we are now implementing the skeleton loading on desktop and for the whole website to have a better user experience during load time.

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