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How to integrate Top
How to integrate Top

Instructions on adding Top integration to your SpringBuilder website

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Once you've created your Website, you need to understand what the website is doing in terms of traffic, how much traffic do you get? where does it come from?
The more traffic you have, the more opportunities you have to generate qualified leads, sell your product or service, gain new customers and continue growing your business.
That's the main reason for tracking your site visitors’ statistics and analytics in general.

Our Integration with Top Mail.Ru will help you get more insight about the Statistics of your Site.

It gives you the following options:

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site

  • identify sources and search queries that led people to your site

  • recognize the gender, age and geographical location of visitors

  • get information about devices and operating systems used by your visitors to access the Internet

  • find out what pages of your site are more popular

  • track if the goals for which you attracted people to the site are reached

To get the things rolling you'll need to register first.
During the registration you will be asked to accept the license agreement, select the category your site belongs to, enter information about the site and set a password for access to statistics and personal data settings.

After successful registration, open the statistics section of your site, click on “Settings” then choose “Counter code”option. 

You will see the field which contains the counter ID, just copy it and insert in the appropriate field in your Integrations App. 

That's it. Easy as that.

We recommend checking out our Help Section as well for more insightful articles and a bigger view at SpringBuilder and the opportunities available.

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