Have you created a betting or gaming web project in BetConstruct’s SpringBME console already? Did you enhance your project with our comprehensive products? If the answer is YES, it’s the perfect time to put your project into practice and see how it really works. 

Once you have created your whitelabel or turnkey project in SpringBME console, we provide you with free credits of about 20 EUR or equivalent in any given currency. You can use the free credits to wager in your trial website and see how it feels for your players to place bets or play games in your website. 

This is how it's done! 

     Step 1.  Sign into your SpringBME account. (Or register, if you do not have an
                 account yet).

     Step 2. Choose a previously created whitelabel or turnkey project.
                  (Or create a new one).

    Step 3. Click on ‘’Get Promocode’’, at the top right of Dashboard.

     Step 4. A pop-up window with Promocode opens up. Hit the ‘’Copy and Close’’                        button to copy the code. 

    Step 5.  Head over to your trial website and paste the Promocode in the relevant                       field of the registration form. 

    Step 6. Once registered, you will be able to use the free credits (€20 or equivalent)                  to play and place bets in your trial website.

In case you forgot to insert the Promocode in registration form, never mind! You still have the chance to upgrade your trial website with free credits. Just follow the easy steps below.

   Step 7. Log in to your trial website.

   Step 8. Hover over the User Pic icon in the Menu bar.

   Step 9. Choose Bonuses from drop-down list.

    Step 10. At the top right, hit <<+>> icon and insert the Promocode in the input field.                    ‘’Submit’’ to upgrade your trial  website with free credits.

This much! Now you can place bets and play games in your trial website, as your players will. 

View player activity reports; in trial mode your own betting and gaming activities, in BetConstruct’s powerful Backoffice

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