BetConstruct’s Sportsbook is a fully managed sports betting platform available in 4 views: Classic, Modern, Asian and Combo. 

After enabling Sportsbook in SpringBME console, you can upgrade your trial website with plenty of live and prematch games, markets, high-quality odds and a lot more. 

Once setup, you will be able to experience all the opportunities our Sportsbook offers in practice with free credits we provide.

Here is how you can add BetConstruct’s Sportsbook to your trial whitelabel or turnkey project:

      Step 1.  Sign into your SpringBME account. (Or register, if you do not have an 

account yet).

      Step 2. Create a whitelabel or turnkey project, in case you don’t have one. 

     Step 3.  Navigate to the Product’s page and choose  Sportsbook from the product’s list.

     Step 4.  Click ‘’Enable’’ button at the top left of Sportsbook page.

Optional: After successfully enabling Sportsbook, proceed to Setup section. Configure the limits of maximum daily payout, maximum odd and liability.  
In the end, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’’ button to maintain your choice.

That’s it! Now you can go ahead and enjoy BetConstruct’s comprehensive Sportsbook in your trial project. 

Once enabled, Sportsbook will be automatically added to your trial website for Classic CMS and some of Springbuilder templates. If it doesn't automatically appear in your SpringBuilder-powered website, you need to add a Sportsbook page yourself.

Note: We constantly update Sportsbook with new games and features to keep it relevant, innovative, and competitive. So, stay tuned and  periodically check Release Note page for latest updates.

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