BetConstruct's SpringBME console enables you to create a trial Whitelabel or Turnkey web project and see how it actually works.

Regardless of your technical skill level, you can set up a free turnkey or whitelabel iGaming trial website in minutes.

Follow the steps below to create your own web-based project in SpringBME and experience all the products, services and tools provided by BetConstruct.

          Step 1. Sign into your SpringBME account. (Or register, if you do not have an                             account yet).

         Step 2.  At the top right of the Dashboard, click‘’Create Project’’.

         Step 3. Choose Web Solutions as your project type, click “Create’’.

      Step 4.  Enter a valid Project name. We use the name to generate a sub-domain                         to  host your website until your operation goes into production, so make                         sure it was not taken previously.

      Step 5. Choose the solution type you want to operate under (Whitelabel, Turnkey)

            -Turnkey, if you want to operate under your own license,
             -Whitelabel, if you want to operate under one of BetConstruct’s licenses.

      Step 6. Choose one of 20+ iGaming website templates powered by                                           BetConstruct’s  Classic or SpringBuilder CMS-s.
                  Or, start crafting your trial project from a blank template using                                           SpringBuilder drag and drop technology.

        Step 7.  Next, add products to your project.

It's as easy as that! Now let’s put your whitelabel or turnkey project into practice.

Please, note that loading your trial project takes time as we are setting up your payments system, backoffice and sub-domain meanwhile. Besides, we provide you with a promocode which you can use to get bonuses. Register in your trial website and play any game with free credits to see how it actually works.


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