BetConstruct’s SpringBME console enables you to create an Odds Feed API project yourself. 

First, we whitelist your IP address and provide you with secret key. Second, you start integrating Odds Feed API into your Sportsbook.

Let’s dive deeper into the process and see how it’s done!

         Step 1. Sign into your SpringBME account. (Or register, if you do not have an                             account yet).

         Step 2. At the top right of the Dashboard, click‘’Create Project’’.

       Step 3. Set API Integrations as your project type, click ‘'Create’’.

       Step 4.  Fill in all the required fields in the following form, click “Create’’

       Step 5.  ‘’Enable’’ the product on Odds Feed page.

       Step 6.  Go to the Setup page and enter your server IP address to be whitelisted.                      Make sure to copy and save the Secret key.

        Step 7.  Click ‘’Save’’ to request an IP whitelisting. Note that it takes 24 hour to                          whitelist your IP address. You will be notified once your IP address is                               successfully whitelisted.

You can access Odds Feed API Documentation on latest updates and relevant commands in the right corner of the page. 

That’s all!  Now you can start the integration process and enhance your Sportsbook with real-time Odds Feed API.


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