Creating a Whitelabel or Turnkey project in BetConstruct console SpringBME is matter of minutes. Taking your project Live with all the products and tools is a matter of days.

We have automated some of the previous time-consuming, lengthy procedures and made the website ‘’go-live’’ process simpler and quicker. The automation of task creation, contract signing, due diligence and invoice transaction procedures facilitates the whole process of taking your trial project live. 

Here are the easy steps to follow for taking your trial project Live in SpringBME:

  1.   Once you have Created a Trial Project in SpringBME and Enabled Products, it’s     time to take it Live. For that, click the “Go Live’’ button at the upper right corner     of  Manage Projects page.

  2.   A new window opens up, suggesting to pass your due diligence and sign an                electronic contract. For this, you are to:

  •   Fill in Organization Main Info and Click ‘’Save’’ to continue.
  •   Fill in Organisation Details.
  •   Upload Scans of your Organization Legal Documents.

  3.   After the required info is accurately provided, click ‘’Submit for Review’’  button           to send it for the review of our legal department.

Your request will be under review for a couple of days. If there is a need for additional info or there are some unclear points, our legal department specialists may send you a comment requesting for more info or clarifications.

When all the necessary documents are submitted and the accuracy assured, we will send you an e-Contract. You need to countersign the Contract online. 

Finally, you will receive an Invoice and as soon as it is paid, you will get the green light to operate your website!

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