Have you already created your gaming and betting website with SpringBuilder? Yes, we provide ready-made layouts for your Sportsbook, both Live and Prematch.

Now listen to the news! You can switch your Sportsbook layout into European view! 

With this new layout your users can view more markets in one place, while with the Classic view your users should pick a market from the dropdown menu. 

If you are into this layout, it takes one step to switch the classical view into the European one. To do so, go to you Dashboard > Pages app and choose Settings of Sportsbook page type. From the Page layout dropdown pick European and do not forget to hit Save.

All done! From now on, let your users enjoy European Sportsbook on your SpringBuilder website.

For more information about pages, check out more about Sportsbook. Also, read about gaming elements for more insight on SpringBuilder.

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