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Publish Versions of Your Website
Publish Versions of Your Website

How to Use the Publishing Functionality for Your SpringBuilder Website

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Publishing different versions of your site without altering or losing information on one of your sites is very handy. If you like creating and experimenting with alternative website versions, understanding how the Publishing function works will really help you.

To access this function, click on the Left Panel to access the Dashboard, and then select the Site Settings App. Turn on the Site Versioning and Site Caching located in the Basic Site Settings. Once you've saved these changes, the Publishing function will be located in the Left Panel.

The latest version will be published and be written next to your Custom Domain. Your BetConstruct subdomain always carries the latest version of your website. Once you’ve made certain changes on your website, you’ll notice a change in your domain’s version (ex. v0.8), but your Custom Domain’s version will stay v1.1.

At this point you will see the Publish button. Once clicked, your v2.1 will be published to your Custom Domain and you will notice v2.1 next to your Custom Domain and Latest badge turn into green. This action also completely removes your Cache from our servers to start serving the updated content/design.

*Note! Do not clear cache before publishing! Make sure to click Publish, then Clear cache of your website.

Your Design Mode changes automatically go live for your website when accessing it from the BetConstruct subdomain. This is helpful for testing before pushing the version live.

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