User related variables are designed for our partners to push user-behavioral data to 3rd party platforms.

Please find the available variables below and the methods you can use them with:

Variables available:

‘user_id’, // Your player’s user_id in Spring platform’s backend


You should navigate to your Dashboard > Spring app > Partner Config > Data Tracking. Here you see a list of options that you can turn on and reassign cutom variables using @@ sign.

Otherwise, you can use any the ‘Add custom code’ field in different elements, like Accounts or Betslip allowing pasting custom tracking code.


So in your script you may find something like this:


In this case, you will need to declare the user_id like this:

[email protected]@user_id

Here is an example of the code if you want to integrate Facebook Pixel to your SpringBuilder website.

For more insight on appending custom codes you can check out this article.

Hope this helps!

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