As promised, SpringBuilder releases a bunch of various new features and improvements all the time to give its partners and users more proficient experience. 

To keep you enlightened, we want to introduce you the novelties SpringBuilder is about to bring forward within the upcoming month.

  • Poll Element

This new element will allow your users to vote (rate or bet) within the articles. You are aware of our prediction functionality, right? Now as you add the Article element to your SpringBuilder website, you will automatically get the chance to vote in each article.

  • European view for Sportsbook's Live and Prematch page types

With this new view, your Sportsbook will have more sophisticated visuals having the same functionality as the ones available on SpringBuilder.

  • Edit Bet functionality

Your users will be allowed to edit their placed bets easily with this new functionality and carry on enjoying their gambling experience on your SpringBuilder website. 

  • Betslip with floating mode

Would you like to have a better version of Betslip? We are taking care of that too. This is why we are working on the new floating mode, which will be available in the lower right corner of the webpage, so as your users can see the bets that place with one click.

  • SMS Verification

We are adding mobile number verification process during registration. During the SMS verification, your newly signed up users will input their mobile number and type a verification code sent on their mobile device.

  • New design for Casino Games Element

Do you enjoy our Casino games on your Casino page type? What if you know we are about to redesign them to make it more impressive? Nice, right? You will get it soon!

  • New design for Virtual Sports page type

Be prepared to get the brand new design for Virtual Sports page type. Your users are going to love it!

  • New providers in Virtual Sports page type

But wait! We are updating not only the design but also adding new providers to your Virtual Sports page type.

  • New design for Tournament Element

Another novelty comes with our Tournament Element: fresh design for this element. Keep patient to enjoy this new look on your SpringBuilder website.

  • Region switcher Element

With this new element you will be able to switch from one domain to another domain based on user IP, Browser Language, etc.

  • Updated Caching mechanism

We are implementing a new mechanism for website caches to provide your users with better latency, capacity or availability.

  • Website versioning and publishing functionality

Alongside the caching mechanism, you will have an opportunity to make changes on your SpringBuilder website in the Edit mode and publish those changes to see them live with your custom domain whenever you want.

  • Updated ecosystem

SpringBuilder is now moving to a whole new ecosystem of Google Kubernetes. This will grant your website with a lot of benefits, including velocity, efficiency, immunatibility, etc.

We at SpringBuilder are really thankful to all our existing Partners who run their businesses on our platform and help us improve the platform every day.

Have more questions? You can read more about SpringBuilder on our Help Center. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Chat in the lower right corner and our Support Team will provide you with quick and efficient assistance!

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