Need advanced analytics on your website? Find Yandex Metrica among our powerful integrations for all-round web analytics. From traffic trends to mouse movements - get a comprehensive understanding of your online audience and drive business growth.

You can now view session recordings, heat maps and form analytics reports all out of the box, track your website traffic and custom events and more. We highly recommend scanning this section for more insight on how the tool works.

Note: You need to have a custom domain connected to your website in order to use Analytics tools.

Let's do this:

1. First, move to Yandex.Metrica and create an account. 

2. The next step should be Creating a tag. Add your Tag name, Website address and make further configurations.

3. Hit ‘Create tag’ once you’re done, almost there.

4. Move forward and copy the ID Number from the next screen. 

Got it?

5. Navigate to your SpringBuilder website's Dashboard, opt for Integrations and paste it to the appropriate field in Yandex Metrica section.

6. Make sure to hit 'Connect' and you're all set!

TIP: The the dot in the upper right corner will turn green indicating that the integration is now active.

We also recommend checking out how to set up event tracking codes on your site or moving our Help Section for more insightful articles and a bigger view at SpringBuilder and the opportunities available.

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