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How to Create Anchor Points on Your SpringBuilder Website?
How to Create Anchor Points on Your SpringBuilder Website?

A step by step guide to setting up Anchor pages and points.

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Ever noticed the Anchor feature under the link option in Elements’ Settings and the Anchor Page on the Pages App on the Dashboard? Here and now we are going to look into how to use this feature with a bang!

So you have this specific point on the Page your visitors should be taken to directly, that’s where the Anchor comes in. So first of all what’s the difference between the Anchor page and the Anchor point

The Anchor page is visible in the Navigation of your website and will redirect your site visitors not only to a page but to some particular point on it. You can create an Anchor Page by going to the Pages App on the Dashboard and clicking the '+' icon. Now hit ‘Anchor’ and you’re good to go!

Once you have chosen the Page type, you will be asked to select the Anchor Point (make sure to navigate to the page you want to set it on first). 

Almost done! Now you need to set the Anchor page name, which will be visible in the address bar of your browser, and set the Device Visibility. You’ll also have an option to switch the page from Main to Secondary in case you’ve changed your mind.

And the very last step: changing the page Title.

To remove the Anchor page, just hover over it to hit the ‘Trash’ icon. 

Hope everything is clear with the Anchor Page, let’s get to the Anchor Point

So basically, it performs the same functionalities described above, except it, can be set on Elements like Images, Text, Icons, Buttons, etc.

All you need to do is right-click on Element, choose the Edit Link or Link option and opt for the Anchor tab. Everything is pretty clear from that point, as you only need to follow the on-screen instructions to create an Anchor. 

All you need to do is decide the point you want to move your visitors to when hitting the specific element on your page and set the Anchor respectively.

And don’t forget to set the Anchor Name. To edit the anchor point for the Text element you will need to remove the link and add a new one, while in the case of an Image, for example, you can edit it by clicking on the linked Element and Editing the link.

A tip for those, who forgot which text Element they have set the link to the Text turns lilac and changes to green when you hover over it.  

Well, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Anchors. But if you have any doubts, give a shout-out to our Support Team, who are always there to guide you through. 

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