Spring BME provides a wide range of different gaming products. 

In order to save your time we have made them ready for you to activate with 1 click. 

Follow the steps to activate Fantasy Sports in your betting project. 

1. Log in into Spring BME 

2. Navigate to Products tab.

3. Among many products find and select Fantasy Sports Software block. 

4. Now you are in Fantasy Sports page, click on Enable button and it will be ready for setup.

5. Navigate to Setup tab. Here we have prepared a palette of colors that you may adjust for the game.

  • Is dark. This option totally changes the theme into dark palette 
  • Rake. Is the scaled commission fee taken by a cardroom operating a poker game
  • Accent color. Changes the header color of the game. 
  • Gradient color. This is the color of Fantasy game background. Choose the color for the background and the software will generate advanced colors for the other elements, such as, the color of non selected tabs and fields inside it.
  • Money amount color. The color of  numbers for amount of money. 
  • Alert color. This is the color of alert sign which appears when something is wrong.
  • Main color. All selected buttons or blocks which are hovered on have a certain color, which you can set from this option. 
  • Primary text active color. Pick up the color of the texts that are on active buttons.
  • Advanced options. Advanced colors are set automatically depending on Gradient color.

After all, click Save button.

Note: In the same page you may also find the information about what is Fantasy Sports and Release Notes where you periodically can check what new updates we have performed.  

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