Spring BME provides a wide range of different gaming products. 

In order to save your time we have made them ready for you to activate with 1 click. 

Poker game can we in web version or downloaded. It works on all OS such as
Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android (coming soon)

And all devices 

To Setup your Poker game follow the simple steps:

  1. Log in into Spring BME 

2. Navigate to Products tab.

3. Among many products find and select Poker Software block. 

4. Now you are in Poker Software page, click on Enable button and the Poker Software will be ready for setup.

5. Navigate to Setup tab:

  • Join Global Network. You may join to global network and allow your players to play with other players from BetConstruct poker network, while if you won't join the global network, then your poker players will only play within your own website. 

Note: This function is not available if your website is still in trial version. 

  • Table Logo. Inside the poker game on the playing table you cay put your logo, just upload the logo image in .svg format. 
  • Default Avatar. This is the avatar of a random player who has no certain avatar setup in her/his profile. Upload the one you need in .png format.
  • Web Application. Select, if you want to create a link to put the game in the website as web application 
  • Desktop Application. Select, to create a download link, this link can be put on the website and allow players to download the game and play it on PCs, macs with different OS

In order to set up the package fill the following fields: 

Package Name, name the file with preferable title
Program Name is the name of the game inside downloaded package
Support  Languages makes multi selection of preferred languages which are going to be available for the players.

  • Logo. Upload your company logo that will be visible in the corner of the game screen. 

After all, click Save button, once you get the Success notification, the links of Web or PC application will be generated and ready for use.

  • Android and iOS Applications. Still under development :) 

Note: In the same page you may also find the information about what is Poker Software and Release Notes where you periodically can check what new updates we have performed.  

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