Tips are a helping tool which always keeps you up to date with all global industry news and new products that BetConstruct constantly releases. The operators receive notifications on any news/changes and have possibility to activate new products/games with just 1 click. 

Tips are also important to overview in case you might forgot to enable some useful products.
Tips are working in case you use any casino gaming products, for example once try to enable Casino Suite and you'll see how tips work.

Tips look like a bulb icon in the bottom left corner,  click on it, and scroll down through all the tips that are recommended to add into your website. 

Click on Enable/Apply to activate the widget straight from the tips list. 

Click Dismiss button if the recommendation is considered to be unnecessary. 

Note: If you dismiss it there will be no tips on that product any more.

As you're reading this, our team is already working on implementing functionalities to make your experience better and better every day,  so stay tuned, use tips and never miss any important news!

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