Spring BME provides a wide range of different gaming products. 

In order to save your time we have made them ready for you to activate with 1 click. 

Follow the steps to activate VR Casino in your betting project. 

1. Log in into Spring BME 

2. Navigate to Products tab.

3. Among many products find and select VR casino block 

4. Now you are in VR casino page, click on Enable button and the product becomes active and ready for use 

The partner can place the URL manually on the website wherever needed using SpringBuilder.

5. Navigate to Setup tab to make the following changes:

  • Accent color. Changes the header color of the game. 
  • Main color of the casino. This color changes the most seen colors on casino. 
  • Display Banner Image. You may upload a custom image to put on a banner.
  • Floor image. Click  on File button to upload your custom image for the floor part.
  • Sports Bar Banner Image, which is a button for custom files to upload.

Note: In the same page you may also find the information about what is VR casino and Release Notes where you periodically can check what new updates we have performed.  

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