Along with your betting business management take the change to create a wonderful website full of plenty widgets and tools. 

It’s super easy, just follow a few simple steps down-listed. 

1. Login into Spring BME

2. Click on Site Launcher

3. Choose CMS.

4. Start with clicking Create a Website button. 

5. Here enter a valid name for your website like We'll generate a temporary domain until your operation goes to production.

Note: You temporary domain will look like

6. Choose the template to start the rest of editing work. 

Hover on preferable template you will see View button to preview the template before choosing it, and Select button to choose and start creating the website on that template.

7. After the template is chosen click on Create a Website button.

8. Once you click Create button the website will be generated and in the same page hovering on the website block you can use the following options:

  • “Eye” icon will open the website in preview mode.
  • “Bin” icon allows to delete the website. 

All is set! Now it’s ready for your imagination, go ahead and try all features of Spring BME.

Site Launcher section also allows to create a website with SpringBuilder. 

To learn how to create a website using SpringBuilder follow to the next article Create Website with Springbuilder

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