Do you wish to demonstrate 'hot' games in your SpringBuilder website? With that in our mind, we have created a special Events element for your gaming and betting website. The game list of the element includes a variety of games: football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and even counter-strike. 

To add the element, drag and drop it from the Dashboard to the Crafting Area. 

You can edit the element selecting the ‘Settings’. Start from determining the Limit of games in the page. Please note that if not specified, the limit is 10 by default.

You can change the Type of the element in the dropdown menu by choosing between Upcoming, Popular and Live games list.

To change the alignment, click the Icon Area and select Align to Top/Align to Center/Align to Bottom. Don't miss the Visibility Settings either.

To remove the Icon Element, click on it and choose the ‘Trash’ option.

Easy as that!

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