Spring BME (Business Management Environment) is a complete management infrastructure which includes a rich set of tools, services and technologies.

Spring BME is a powerful tool that allows you to set up your business environment in minutes with just a few clicks.

Here is what you need: 

  1. Go to Spring BME website and click BME Console 
  2. Sign in with your account. 
  3. To get started, you need to create a partner. Jump to the 'Create A Partner' article for detailed instructions. 

Once you have created a partner, you will be navigated into the Dashboard of the platform. Here you'll find some additional and useful information, like popular industrial news and documentation about our APIs.

In Spring BME you can manage all the cool features offered for your business:

  • Partner Settings - Configure the Partner name, timezone, languages and currencies of your business.
  • Site Launcher - Here you can create a website: either SpringBuilder or CMS, with a few clicks, also here you can just launch your website for further editing.
  • Market Place - Get to know about some deals or products that can be useful to purchase for your gambling website.
  • Products - Every products that we offer can be activated or disabled with just one click.
  • Payments - Choose to activate or disable any payment method for your website.
  • Tools - Activate or disable tools, such as Affiliate Marketing Software, Slot Builder and others in one place.
  • Services - In case you need any service, like licensing and compliance, legal consulting or logistics issue, you can write an order in here and we will reach out for help.
  • Developers - Here you will have access to the documentations of development tools, such as Partner API, Swarm-API, Open Source frond-end, as well as Data Replication compiling users data that can be replicated on other servers.
  • Invoice - Export your invoices from here.

Spring BME is created to make your work of managing business simple and effortless. 

As you're reading this, our team is already working on implementing functionalities to make your experience smooth and easy, so stay tuned!

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