Have you ever thought of controlling all the products of your website in one place? Everything is possible with Spring BME.

Go to 'Products' once you log in to your account. You will see the list of the products offered by BetConstruct. They are categorized into Sports Betting and Gaming products.

If you want to activate Sportsbook, for one, click on the product and you will be navigated into a new tab with detailed information about the product. The first step to follow the 'Disabled' button which is the key to activate this powerful tool.

Once you activate one, you are offered some settings typical to the product, which you can configure too. For one, click on the Setup button to define maximum payout or odd, set selection liability and not only.

We also introduce latest release notes. Just don't forget to check them from time to time.

Easy as that! Stay tuned to be aware of new updates of Spring BME!

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