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Manage the Visibility Settings of Blocks and Elements
Manage the Visibility Settings of Blocks and Elements

A quick guide on the visibility settings according to device, location and more

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When building a website, you should keep in mind that your content cannot be universal. There might be cases when you'd better show particular site sections to a certain audience and hide them from the rest.

The Visibility Settings allows you to control who sees certain Blocks or Elements depending on the Device, Location, Language, or Session. You can manage site visibility instead of having to create different site versions.

Visibility Settings

To change your Block Visibility Settings, head over to the desired block, select Block Settings → click on Visibility Settings.

To change your Element Visibility Settings, go to the element, click on Element Settings → select Visibility Settings.

Visibility Types

Device Visibility

This enables certain blocks and elements to appear either on: All devices, Desktop Only, or Mobile Only. Click on the Device Visibility tab to choose the desired option from the dropdown menu for visibility control.

Location Visibility

Include or exclude a certain country, city, or custom IP address from viewing your block or element. Just select include/exclude from the Matching dropdown menu before selecting the Location Handling options of country, city, or custom IP. If you're excluding a certain country, list it in the Country section below.

Language Visibility

Select the visibility for English and/or for all languages. If your site is multilingual, you can decide which blocks or elements you'd like to be visible based on the languages your site is translated in.

!Note: You can't apply the Language Visibility to a specific element. To set the visibility rules, either move the element to a specific block or set the rules for the current block settings, where the element is located.

Session Visibility

Decide who the section will be visible to the public, logged-in users only, or logged-out users only.

Schedule Visibility

Located next to the Visibility Settings in both the blocks and elements sections is Schedule Visibility. This section allows you to Show or Hide the specific block or element. You can schedule your visibility to be Ongoing, Scheduled, or Recurring.

  • If it's Scheduled, select the Timezone, the Starting Date, and Time, and turn on/off End, if you'd like it to end. If you'd like the scheduled visibility to end, also enter the Ending Date and Time.

  • If it's Recurring, choose the Timezone, Repeat, turn on/off the Specific Time and End, and include the Ending Date and Time. Go to the Repeat dropdown menu for the visibility to repeat, and select Everyday or your desired days of the week.

As you're reading this, our enthusiastic team is already working on implementing new elements, designer blocks, and functionalities, so stay tuned!

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