SpringBuilder hands over Betslip element for your users to place bets easier than ever. And what a betting website without this element, agree?

In SpringBuilder, Betslip is available on ready-made Sportsbook page types by default. Anyhow, it is also accessible in the Elements list in the Left Panel. 

Here are the options for you to customize the element. In order to edit the settings, head over to your Dashboard->Spring App->Betslip Settings.

Let's start the editing process. First things first: choose your Default Odd Type by clicking on the tool icon in the field.

Next unique feature of Betslip is Floating mode so as your users can see their bets easily in any page on your SpringBuilder website, regardless they navigate to Sportsbook, Casino or Homepage.
You can turn on with the switcher and determine it to be circle or rectangle, be positioned in the bottom right or bottom left.

Please note that the Floating mode is always turned on for the mobile version, while choosing the layout and position.

You can see it in action in the Public mode:

Now get to know our remarkable odd types: SuperBet and Counter Offer. In the settings you can turn on/off SuperBet, which allows requesting a maximum bet limit increase for selected sporting events. And you can turn on/off Counter Offer, allowing your users to suggest their odds for each game. This will make your players' experience more enticing and fun!

You can also choose the type of bet: Basic or Advanced. Make the Max bet functionality work for your gaming website with advanced bet type.

There are a couple of functionalities to enable in Betslip: turning on/off SuperBet and Counter Offer, make it possible to edit coloring of Betslip, turn on/off Edit Bet functionality and Booking Mode. Besides that, you can enable Predefined stakes, based on the minimum bet: Min bet x 10, Min bet x 20, Min bet x 50. In these cases just turn on/off the switchers and hit Save in the end.

But wait! As your users place successful bets, you can manage the state of Betslip: to clear it, to keep the current combination or help the users to determine. 

Want to track your website's conversion? Simply append any third party code in the 'Append Custom Code' field. You can also push user-behavioral data to 3rd party platforms by adding variables.

Finally, time to set the Button settings, in this case we have ‘Place A Bet’ and ‘Close’ buttons. You can choose button styles. 

Do not forget to Save the settings once you are done.

All set with the settings, now you can edit Betslip’s style: SuperBet, FreeBet and Counter offer colors! Edit colors of the text and the background of the components. To do so, head over to the Edit mode of your Sportsbook, click on the element and choose Edit Styles.

Here you'll find a set of various color shades available on the Palette, both Flat and Gradient.

In case you may not like how the element is positioned on the page, never mind: to change that, click on the ‘Alignment’ icon. You’ll have three options available. You can align the image to top, center or bottom.

Don't miss the Visibility Settings either. Mind the Location visibility as well. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.
All set!

Check out the rest of the elements in the 'Gaming Elements' section for more insight to make your site more efficient and functional! In case of questions, let us know via Chat in the lower right corner!

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