Being organized is the key to success, especially when handling payments, currencies, and all things gaming!

SpringBuilder's powerful tool, the Spring App, is the perfect integration between your website and the SpringBME Console. It enables you to set up payment methods and partner configurations, add new currencies, customize Betslip, and other settings!

There are four tabs in the popup window: Payment, Currency, Partner Config, and Betslip Settings. Let's check them all out!

In the Payment tab, you can fetch payment methods both for deposit and withdrawal. You can activate/deactivate them with just one click on the Status bar.

Move the dots up and down to change the ordering of the payment methods. Click on the Screen icon on the right side to change the logo of each payment method either by uploading an image or by using our Free Stock photo collection.

Click on the Currency tab to see the list of currencies you can provide your site visitors such as USD, EUR, TRY, and UAH. To enable/disable them, click on the green dot on the left and vice versa. In the picture below, the Euro is enabled, while the US Dollar is not.

The order of the currencies can be changed by clicking on the dots on the left side and dragging that currency section up or down.

Partner Config

You have several options to refine your gaming experience, so let's get to it!

Main Configurations

Check your Partner ID, which is given to you by the BetConstruct Business Development Team. In the Session Lifetime field, you can auto log out a user once they've been inactive for the entered number of minutes.

Settings include political bets (learn more on how to enable them) and turning on Multiple balances for your users.

For data updates from backend, you may also enter a Swarm URL, otherwise, you'll receive the default one.

You can also input your desired Gambling Commission URL for the single casino game view, otherwise, you'll receive the default one.

You may also enable Multiple Balances: one for Sportsbook bets and the other for Casino.

In the Main Configurations, you can enable Iovation integration that collects and aggregates information on account security via backend. This integration comes in two modes: Standard and Advanced. The difference between these modes lies in the security of registration and login, i.e. Standard mode secures the registration process, while Advanced makes sure to secure both registration and login. The data Iovation sends looks like this: "KGSAJH286738712bjbkjbbHBVBjhv27863123876123".

You can also hide trailing zeros in user balance, and use the custom domain for static files. Just turn on/off corresponding switchers.

Sportsbook Configurations

Do you need to embed your Sportsbook URL? Then just paste your Sportsbook domain and Sportsbook domain for mobile in the corresponding field to override the embedded iframe's URL. You may include a separate URL for statistics as well. All you need to do is just paste the URL for game statistics in the corresponding field and hit 'Save'.

!Note: You can turn on/off the Statistics anytime.

Another option to make your users' gambling experience more exciting, you can add the variable 'eventId' to your Statistics link. Read more about custom variables here.

Your settings include showing Lineups, H2H, USSD/SS code, Red Cards, League Icon type (Sports Type; Region Flag; or both), Hide Live Streaming, and Open Sportsbook in Selected/All Markets. According to the French regulation, you can also show specific Tennis Data to logged-in users only. Show the number of events in your Sportsbook as you enable Include Live and Pre-match Filter switcher.

Other Configurations

These settings refer to casino games mainly, such as displaying the Gambling Commission logo, iframe view for the mobile version, showing header while playing single casino games, displaying odds in the My Bets section. You can also turn on/off info sidebar for a single game by default that includes Jackpot pool and Tournament leaderboard.

You can also hide the decimal numbers from the User Balance by turning on/off the Hide trailing zeros. Want to show the seconds in a game-time? Just turn on/off the corresponding switcher.

All these settings can be enabled/disabled with a single hit of your mouse.

The Spring App has a special section for Data Tracking. Here you can fire any pixel to set up conversion tracking after any action by the user. Just click on the switcher, paste the corresponding custom tracking code and click Save.

Betslip Settings

Here you can customize the Betslip of your gambling website for your users. Betslip is available on ready-made Sportsbook page types by default. You can decide to show odd types, the Betslip mode, button settings and styles, and more. For more information on Betslip, check out this article.

You can also enable the Gift My Bet functionality. This means your players can gift their bets to another user if the placed bet is unsettled yet (not won or lost). Just turn on/off the Gift My Bet switcher and let your players enjoy giving and getting bet presents.

In order to gift a bet, go to Open Bets in your Betslip and click on the gift icon.

Next, write down the email address of the person you want to give your bet to in the corresponding field and click OK.

Make sure you've typed in the right email address because you can't edit it once you submit your gift. You can also see the list of the Gifted Bets in the My Bets section of your profile.

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For any further questions or concerns you may have, please visit the SpringBuilder Help Center for more information. 

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