SpringBuilder has a powerful tool, named Spring app, which enables you to control your payments and add new currencies to your website.

To make use of it, navigate to your Dashboard, which can be found in the Tools Panel and click the ‘Spring’ icon.

There are four tabs in the popup window: Payment, Currency, Partner Config and Betslip Settings. Let’s take a look at each of them.

In the Payment tab, you can fetch payment methods both for deposit and withdrawal. You will get a series of methods, which can be activated/deactivated with just one click on the Status bar. 

You can add an icon for each payment method either by uploading an image or using our Free stock.

In the Currency tab, see the list of the currencies you provided while creating a partner in SpringBME (ex.: USD, EUR, TRY and UAH).

Partner Config tab gives several options to refine your gaming experience. First, you should type the Partner ID which will be given as soon as you start your cooperation with BetConstruct

In the Session lifetime field you can auto log a user after they have been inactive for the entered number of minutes. You may set 0 for no limit.

Do you need to embed your Sportsbook URL? Then just paste your Sportsbook Domain in the corresponding field to override the embedded iframe's URL. You may use a separate domain for Mobile as well.

Spring App allows you to use your preferred statistics link in your Sportsbook. All you need to do is just paste the URL for game statistics in the corresponding field and hit 'Save'. *Please note that you can turn on/off the Statistics anytime.

Another option to make your users' gambling experience more exciting, you can add variable 'eventId' to your Statistics Link. Read more about custom variables here.

The forth tab is Betslip Settings to customize the element for your users. To get the full picture of Betslip, take a look at this article.

Keep up with SpringBuilder to know about the upcoming features in the Spring App as our team constantly works on improving it! We are working hard to make your gaming experience smooth and easy!

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us in any case via Chat!

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