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How to Migrate an Existing Partner to SpringBuilder?
How to Migrate an Existing Partner to SpringBuilder?

Step by step guide: how to migrate an existing partner to SpringBuilder (with checklist)

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BetConstruct has over 200 partners, operating in 51 countries, and speaking 17 different languages.

Almost all our partners are currently running their gaming websites on the BetConstruct CMS. 

But now all our partners have the chance to try out SpringBuilder: a brand new drag and drop website builder that will give our partners and their design and marketing teams the freedom to create the best UI and UX for their players.

But not only that: it also provides awesome tools to create new pages, run a news or a promotion section, create high converting landing pages, and more... within a couple of minutes, all by yourself. 

If your current business is currently running on CMS and you are about to migrate to SpringBuilder we are recommending going through this step by step guide to make the process smooth and easy:

  1. Contact the Business Development Department or your Account manager and inform them that you are about to migrate to SpringBuilder. 

  2. You should sign an additional contract with BetConstruct for the process to start.

  3. The next step is paying your outstanding balances if there are some.

  4. Afterward, your account manager will assign tasks to activate SpringBuilder for you. * Please note that the SpringBuilder team can help you with your website’s design according to your brand guidelines.

  5. You or your team of designers can get our initial design and edit it to your preferences.

  6. In order to finish setting up your gaming website, you should set your partner ID in your Spring App. To do so, navigate to the Dashboard in SpringBuilder Edit mode. *Please note, that as soon as you set your partner ID in the Spring App, all your players and their balances will automatically be available on your website, so you may now log in with your account and make a bet from your current balance.

  7.  In the Partner config tab, write down your partner ID, and don’t forget to hit ‘Save’. In the Currency tab, add the currencies you want to support on your website(ex.: USD, EUR, TRY, and UAH).

  8. In the Payment tab, configure your payment methods for deposit and withdrawal. To find out more about the Spring App, please check out this article.

  9. You are now good to go! You may now enjoy SpringBuilder and all its features to make your gaming website even more outstanding!

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In case of questions, don't hesitate to write us on our Chat!

SpringBuilder team.

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