SpringBuilder gives you the opportunity to make your website better with the help of great collaborations through the Team App.

Here, you have a chance to create your own team and work together on improving the website design and content. You can give your teammates particular roles and achieve your desired results. 

There are six roles your teammates can have on your website:

  • Editor
  • Designer
  • Owner
  • Casino Manager
  • Marketer
  • Monitoring

Each of these roles has different accesses to the Edit mode of your website, as well as the Apps on your Dashboard.

As the names imply, the Editor is responsible for text content, manages the pages, their text content and SEO, can add new languages and articles to the website, while the Designer is down for the pages, can fully customize them design-wise, including the Layout, Typography and the UI Kit.

Marketer has the same permissions as the Editor and Designer combined.

Monitoring has full control over the domain of the website, including verifying and deleting it.

Casino Manager controls all the casino games, can add/delete games and has full control over Casino App.

Owner has the same permissions as the primary owner and can control every aspect of the website.

Let's navigate to the Team App on your Dashboard and see how it all works!

All you need to do is click 'Invite new member', enter your friend's email address, define his role and hit the 'Invite' button.
You can add more team members, as well as change their roles on the go using the controllers on the right.

After submitting the email, your teammates will receive an invitation email providing all the instructions needed on how to join your crew.

If you think your team member has finished his job on your website, you can remove the member clicking the ‘Close’ icon (‘x’).

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find creative people like you and craft something amazing using the Team App!

Also keep in mind, that SpringBuilder Support Team is never more than a click away, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us in case of any questions via Chat box in the lower right corner!
Best of luck!

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